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Safelite and AAA Insurance

Thank You Minnesota The Auto Club Group ("AAA") has been ordered to pay the State of Minnesota “a civil penalty in the amount of $150,000 and shall cease and desist from using Safelite Solutions, or any other subsidiary of Safelite Group, Inc. as their administrator...

Can you stop windshield damage from spreading by scoring the glass ?

When I am doing research on the web on windshield repair I often visit many on line forums on solution to fix cracked windshields, Different people with ideas on how to stop windshield cracks from spreading further. What I find is most people don't have a clue. Some...

Can windshield damage be done in the view of a collision sensor?

Question from a customer. I have a 2013 Honda Accord Coupe with an approximately 12" crack that reaches from the top edge of the windshield (about where the rearview mirror is) and extending down in an "L" shape, this particular Accord model has a forward-collision...

Are windshield repairs invisible?

The answer is NO! The biggest misconception about windshield repair is that it is invisible when the repair is complete. I always tell my customers that on a average repair you can expect anywhere from fifty to ninety percent improvement in cosmetic appearance....

Use caution when using glass cleaners on hot days.

Tech Tip. On hot summer days be careful not to spray window cleaners directly on the windshield repair after it is finished on a rare occasion the resin might not be fully cured and the damage could spread. I had the happen to me once on a 90 degree day. I alway spray...

Windshield Sun Shades

On hot summer days be careful using sun shades on your windshield if you have a rock chip that has not been repaired. The sunshade will reflect the suns heat back to the windshield causing the glass to heat up. Hot and cold usually cause windshields to crack out.

Safelite steering

Yesterday had a new customer call me for a windshield repair, she had american family insurance, I gave here the phone number for American Family ( Safelite Network ) I gave here my shop info to give to safelite so i could get a referral number so i could EDI them....

Hot Summer days

As we head into this weekend the outside air temp is going to be over 100+ degrees, if you have a rock chip on your windshield be careful not to wash your car or take it through a car wash, the temperature between the hot glass and cool water can cause the damage to...

Vehicle Identification Number, 10th character is the year

Tech Tip: Today I was dispatched a work from one of the networks, when I was writing down the vehicle Identification Number I noticed that the tenth letter did not match my work order ( the tenth character is always the year ) As it turned out it was for a different...

Can you re-repair a windshield repair?

The answer to this is yes sometimes, i have seen many inferior repairs where the technician did not fill in the damage correctly, there are times when i can drill a little deeper than the previous repair and open the break up pull air out and get resin to flow in the...

RainX and windshield repair

If you have a chip in your windshield do not apply rainx over the top of it, it will contaminate the repair, many rock chips are open to the elements rain, dirt, washer solvents, water repellents etc the best thing to do if you get a chip in your windshield is to put...

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This business is as good as it gets! I called the business today and my call was returned in under 30 minutes. Dennis arrived on my doorstep as promised only 2 hours later! He gets right to work and spends a lot of time making sure he is repairing the windshield as best he can. He’s professional, honest and down to earth. He also spends a lot of time communicating things to you to make sure you understand what he did, what you can expect to happen and how to take care of it. He repaired another windshield for me within the last year or two as well. You definitely can’t find better service than this company provides!
Sue A. St. Louis, MO
If you’re looking for an auto glass repair specialist: this is the business to work with.
Dennis W. St. Louis, MO


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