The answer is NO!
The biggest misconception about windshield repair is that it is invisible when the repair is complete. I always tell my customers that on a average repair you can expect anywhere from fifty to ninety percent improvement in cosmetic appearance. Remember this is a windshield repair not a new windshield. Windshield Glass is something you look through and has a refractive index to it when light passes through it. There are many factors that come into play when your trying to get the proverbial perfect windshield glass repair. There are times when the repair is complete you would have to look very hard to find it. But that is usually the exception to the rule. The two biggest factors that ways into clarity is the size of the damage and how hard did the rock impact the windshield. Furthermore there is the inner safety plastic inside the windshield and if the rock hits the windshield hard enough the safety plastic gets etched, this is referred to as vinyl damage and is the result of a high impact and is impossible to clear up, this type of repair will be the most noticeable when the repair is complete and usually clears up by only 50 %. On the flip side if the windshield damaged is broke clean and low impact there is a much better chance of getting more like 90% clarity.This is only a quick over view on windshield damage.