Red light cameras and speed traps in St. Louis have a lot of people crying foul. Everyday in my business I drive approximately 100 to 150 miles covering the entire greater St. Louis area. On any given day I will drive past a half of dozen red light cameras and law enforcement taking radar. One of the most popular areas for radar is on highway 70 between the airport and Goodfellow Blvd, some days you can count from 1 to 15┬álocal police vehicles from about 5 different municipality’s shooting radar in this ten mile section of interstate. Without a doubt this is a big tine money generator for these towns. Then to top things off there are dozens of red light and speed cameras though out the greater St. Louis area. Nothing worse than coming home from a hard days work and finding one of these tickets in your mail box.
I personily have been the recipient of both speeding and red light camera tickets. Over the last few years I have got a good sense of where these speed traps and cameras are but I cant let my guard down because they are adding new ones all the time.
One thing I can say when you get a citation and pay the fine you will never forget the location where you received the ticket. I wish I could buy one of there speeded cameras, just kidding.
To conclude these speed cameras, red light cameras and police shooting radar is not going away anytime soon. The way I see it the solution is easy slow down and do the speed limit and make full stops at all intersections after all that is the law.