While you are shopping for a windshield repair company remember to ask these important questions.
1. What happens if they crack your windshield out while they are repairing it ? At Glas-Tek we will give you up to 100 dollars towards a replacement or pay your insurance deductible, which ever is lower.
2. Is the company certified in windshield repair? (there is a big difference between repairing and replacing a windshield ).
Always choose a glass shop that specializes in windshield repairs ONLY and is certified by either the National Glass Association or the National Windshield Repair Association in windshield repair.Often Glas-Tek gets called out on a windshield repair that has been done incorrectly. Unfortunately, after a non-qualified technician has sealed the repair there is usually nothing we can do to improve it. A high percentage of all technicians HAVE NO CERTIFICATION at all.
3. Ask to see their certification card for windshield repair.What type of guarantee do they offer? At Glas-Tek we give a 100% life time money back guarantee on all rock chip repairs and one full year on our long crack repairs. This is the best guarantee in the industry.
One more thingNEVER let a windshield repair shop up-sell you on a replacement instead of a repair (bait and switch). Call us first. IF WE CAN’T REPAIR IT, NOBODY CAN