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Text a Live Technician

Text of call a live technician @ 314 922 7777 Whenever you call Glas Tek windshield repair you talk to a live technician. You can immediately chat with a national glass association certified windshield repair tech to answer all your windshield repair needs. He can then determine if your windshield can be repaired or needs […]

Super glue and Windshield Repair

Occasionally a customer will ask me. Is that super glue you injecting in the windshield? My reply is yep super glue on steroids, ┬ájust kidding, super glue is way to thick to make its way into tiny cracks, you need a special formula made for windshield repair call UV resin, its comes in many viscosity […]

Super glue and windshield repair comment.

That was really helpful to me, thanks! Unfortunately, I followed my mom’s advice to try the super glue bit, and now the local repair guy says he can’t fix it because of the glue being there and ruining any chance of repair. A repair guy advised this glue idea, but I guess he was either […]

Insurance agents steering.

To start out with, you have the right to choose any auto glass shop to repair or replace your windshield. One of the most aggravating things of owning a small business, is to generate a job from one of your paid ads and have either an insurance agent or insurance network steel it away.An example […]

Auto Glass from $75.00

When doing a search for Auto Glass you will see adds all over the internet for Windshields from anywhere from $75 to $99.00 don’t be fooled. These adds do not include tax and labor. The real cost would be more like $190 to $250 installed. Also cheap does not always equal quality of workmanship. Its […]

Tips if your rearview mirror ever falls off the windshield.

This usually happens on hot summer day, I will get a call from a customer that their rearview mirror has fallen off or has become unglued. If the mirror has just came unglued your in luck, it can be glued back in place. If it has taken out a large piece of glass it will […]

We are now AAA approved.

Glas Tek Windshield Repair has been approved AAA motor club of Missouri. We are the only shop in St. Louis to offer discounts to AAA members. We are on there web-site.

Windshield Repair customer beware !

When drilling into windshield damage, you never want to hit the plastic with the drill bit it will leave a black spot on the laminate making the repair more noticeable. Second you need to use a tool that pulls a perfect vacuum not 20 of inches, you need a vacuum like 30 inches of mercury […]

Things To Consider Before Choosing an Auto Glass Repair Company

Three Misconceptions About Auto Glass Repair Choosing an auto glass or windshield repair company in St Louis or St Charles can be difficult. After all, every link that shows up in Google claims to be a “windshield repair expert”, or the “best windshield repair company in St Louis.” The truth is, many companies only have […]

Ethics, Integrity and business

Had a customer call me today and wanted me to come out and do a windshield repair on his 2009 Toyota Camry, So I showed up about a hour later and did the repair. So when I was finished I ask what form of payment he would be using, cash, check, credit card or another […]

Putting on Windshield Wiper Blades (BE CAREFUL)

Once in a while someone will call me with a crack in there windshield from a wiper arm. When they are changing wiper blades the spring loaded arm will snap down on them striking the bottom of the windshield putting a nice sunburst star break. 99% of the time this type of break is not […]

Glas Tek Windshield Repair

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Dennis came out to repair a long crack in my windshield and it was one of the best interactions I have had with a company in a long time. As a business consultant, I constantly find myself critiquing how businesses are run. Most businesses I interact with are lacking product quality, customer service or have poor leadership, sometimes a combination of all three. Glas Tek is a rare case where the company is not lacking in any of these three departments. I could see Glas Tek successfully expanding far beyond its current market.
Tyler M. St. Louis, MO
Got my windshield replaced at a great price and everything was timely, professional, helpful and friendly.
Deborah J. St. Louis, MO


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