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The acute area of the windshield.

According to the national windshield repair association, the location of the damage or crack and the actual size of the damage or crack or both important in the decision to recommend repair. Also known as the acute area or your primary vision area, this is the area of the windshield in the drivers direct line […]

Black area around Windshield (Frit Band) ALWAYS check this area.

Think of the black area around your windshield like trim on your house, it finishes it off. It also keeps the UV rays of the sun from breaking down the factory seal (urethane). The most interesting fact is that 75% of windshields that crack get hit by rocks in this area, Two reasons for this […]

Windshield repair resin shelf life

Windshield repair resin goes bad over time thats why we never use resin that is over one year old to insure our customers the best products on market. The fact is we go through our product so fast our chemical is never over six months old.

Windshield Treatments to prevent rock chips

A few times a year I will do a rock chip repair on a windshield that has a sticker on it that says “Diamond-Fusion USA treated glass”, This product is supposed to make the surface of your windshield stronger. The idea behind it is to make rocks skip off your windshield instead of cracking it. […]

How much does it cost to repair a cracked windshield?

Windshield repair is an affordable alternative as compared to windshield replacement, in the St. Louis market you can pay any where from $120.00 to around $ 50.00 for mobile windshield chip repair service, and anywhere from $75.00 to 95.00 for windshield long crack repair. Its always a good idea to check with the BBB when […]

Bug deflectors and windshield damage

Customers will sometime ask me if a bug deflector will help prevent windshield damage ? I have done many repairs on windshields that have bug deflectors on them. It may protect the paint on the hood and in some cases they could help deflect a rock, but most of the time the rock will bounce […]

Credit card payments using the Square

Customers always asked if i take credit cards, The answer is always “you bet”, I have been using since it came out, I run all my credit card transactions through my iPhone, It makes my mobile windshield repair business a snap. It will give you instance approval, and the funds go into my bank […]

Cracked Windshields, will they collapse in on you

Every now and then a customer will ask me, When I am driving around with a crack across my windshield will it collapse in on me? The answer is no.. The windshield is made up off two layers of glass with a piece of safety laminate between the them, This construction helps hold the windshield […]

Can you repair a wet windshield ?

There is one type of windshield break that can be repaired, it is a partial bullseye or a small bullseye as long as you dry it out first with a dry out tool. The tool heats the glass up to well over 200 degrees which allows the moisture to evaporate out of the damage. Star […]

Reply to one of my post in the Wall Street Journal

Dennis – As a fellow WSR business owner I wanted to thank you for your reply to the article “Is Windshield Repair All That It’s Cracked Up to Be?” in the Wall Street Journal  about three months ago. I think you did a great job setting the facts straight.  It’s nice to see people that […]

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