When repairing a windshield you must always choose the right resin for the type of windshield repair damage you are going to repair. Windshield repair resins come in many colors and viscosity’s. This is a quick overview of three of the most important characteristics.
1. Adhesion, how the resin adheres to the broken glass.
2. Cohesion, how the resin bonds to itself.
3. Durability, how the resin stands up to the test of time by allowing it to be strong but also flexible.
Over the years I have field tested many manufactures windshield repair resins to see if it stand up over time. The first thing I will do when I repair a previous is to look at my old repair to see how it is holding up. Believe me, one thing I have learned is not all chemicals are created equal. This takes years to narrow down the best possible resin for my clients.