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Glas-Tek Windshield Repair 5.0 Rating

by Dennis Caswell on 04/18/14

We finally got our 5 star rating with google, after being stuck at a 4.9 for the last two years. Thank you St. Louis for all your kind reviews

Putting on Windshield Wiper Blades (BE CAREFUL)

by Dennis Caswell on 03/27/14

Once in a while someone will call me with a crack in there windshield from a wiper arm. When they are changing wiper blades the spring loaded arm will snap down on them striking the bottom of the windshield 
putting a nice sunburst star break. 99% of the time this type of break is not repairable, so it is a good idea to 
put something like a roll of paper towels between the wiper arm and the windshield this will help prevent
this from happening. When I am doing a repair under the blade I always do this.

$120.00 Windshield Repair, Really?

by Dennis Caswell on 03/22/14

At least a couple times a week I have one of my customers tell me, "I called Safelite and they wanted over $120.00 to come out and repair my windshield."  My reply is like "really, that's seems kinda high", but if people are going to pay that, good for them. I personally would never pay that much for a repair.  The truth is, you can get a higher quality of repair at a lower price if they just shopped around. I can tell you Glas Tek only charges  $70.00 and our repairs are just as good if not better than Safelite. I have seen a lot of their work and can say, the repair is only as good as the technician doing the work. In other words, I am not very impressed at what they refer to as the Safelite Advantage. Don't take my word for it, check out some of their reviews online.

Consumer Beware

by Dennis Caswell on 03/08/14

While you are shopping for a windshield repair company remember to ask these important questions

1. What happens if they crack your windshield out while they are repairing it ? 

At Glas-Tek we will give you up to 100 dollars towards a replacement or pay your insurance deductible,  which ever is lower.

2. Is the company certified in windshield repair? (there is a big difference between repairing and replacing a windshield ).

Always choose a glass shop that specializes in windshield repairs ONLY and is certified by either the National Glass Association or the National Windshield Repair Assocation  in windshield repair. 

Often Glas-Tek gets called out on a windshield repair that has been done incorrectly.  Unfortunately,  after a non-qualified technician has sealed the repair there is usually nothing we can do to improve it. 

A high percentage of all technicians HAVE NO CERTIFICATION at all.  Ask to see their certification card for windshield repair.

3. What type of guarantee do they offer? 

At Glas-Tek we give a 100% life time money back guarantee on all rock chip repairs and one full year on our long crack repairs. This is the best guarantee in the industry.

One more thing:

 -NEVER let a windshield repair shop up-sell you on a replacement instead of a repair (bait and switch).  Call us first.   IF WE CAN'T REPAIR IT,  NOBODY CAN .

Windshield damage that cannot be repaired.

by Dennis Caswell on 02/05/14

1: Star breaks over the size of a silver dollar.

2: Wiper blade arm impact. happens when people are changing wiper blades.

3: Scratches from windshield wipers.

4: Any impact from inside of the windshield.

5: Long cracks that are over one month old.

6: Single line cracks over 14 inches.

7: When the rear view mirror fall off and takes a piece of glass with it.

8: Any damage that penetrates both layers of glass.

9: Point of impact that takes out more than 3/8 of an inch in dia. glass.

10: Damage the is in the view of any type of sensors.

Potholes and Windshield damage.

by Dennis Caswell on 01/22/14

January 2014 has been one of the busiest in years for the auto glass companies in St. Louis. So far we have had a lot of temperature swings any where from minus 30 degrees windchill to 60 degrees above Fahrenheit. Also with winter weather brings snow and ice. When roads get snow and ice on them snow plows are out, the combination of snow plows and temperature swings causes pot holes, many pot holes. Small rocks are contained in the fallout of the potholes. These small rocks get picked up in tire treads and fly out at high speeds and crack windshields. If at all possible increase your following distance from the vehicle in front of you, this will help decrease the likelihood of a rock cracking your windshield. If you do get windshield damage don't hesitate in having it repaired. Windshield auto glass damage is sensitive to cold weather and can propagate quick.

Windshield Wiper Blade Care.

by Dennis Caswell on 12/20/13

It is always a good idea to have your wiper blades inspected a couple times a year for tears or other damage to the wiper blade or the arm of the blade. The picture below is the rubber and metal insert that is starting to slide out. If you can catch this quickly you can push it back into place and save the blade. Now on the flip side, left in this condition it could soon scratch the glass. This also applies for vehicles equipped with rear wiper blades.

Can a drive through car wash crack your windshield?

by Dennis Caswell on 11/21/13

The other day I had a client call me to come out to look at a long vertical crack on her windshield. She explained to me that the day before she had driven her vehicle through one of those drive through car washes and when she entered the wash there was no damage to her windshield, but when she exited the other end she noticed a 12 inch break on windscreen, and that something in the car wash had to have been responsible for the damage. I said let's inspect the damage. After looking at the crack, it was obvious what had caused the damage. There was a small star break down in the black shaded area about an inch from the edge. I explained to my customer that 98% of the time there is hidden damage in the black area around windshield and most people never see it, and that the outer 3 inches is the weakest part of a windshield. The main reason for the damage to spread when you are having your car washed is the temperature change between the glass and the water temp. Example on a hot day glass heats up fast and when the cooler water temperature from the car wash hit the glass it can cause damage to spread and vice versa on winter day, cold glass, warm water. Remember glass is temperature sensitive. The solution to this is to periodically inspect the outer 3 inches of a windshield for stone damage especially when you are going to wash the vehicle or the times of the year when the outside air temp or season changes..

The best windshield repair UV curing lamp.

by Dennis Caswell on 11/12/13

Windshield repair 115v curing lamp At Glas-Tek we us the only the best windshield repair equipment. This image is of a 115v 15w UltraViolet curing lamp. This lamp puts out a high dose of UV light to cure our resins, I run this lamp off an inverter that plugs in to my power 12v power outlet in my vehicle. The inverter converts 12v DC to an output voltage of 115v AC. In the curing process there is a lot a chemical changes taking place such as cross linking and cross hatching this is simply the molecules in the resin bonding to the glass as well as to each other resulting in a much stronger windshield repair. Is also a good idea to replace the bulb at the very least one time a year to insure a strong repair every time.

Windshield repair damage can be larger than it appears.

by Dennis Caswell on 10/31/13

 After years of doing windshield repair I can tell you that damage to your windshield is often bigger than it looks. The first step in repairing a windshield is to assess the breakage by taking a probe and cleaning out any loose glass from the point of impact and also applying light pressure to the area around damage to make sure that there isn't any more cracks that are not visible to the eye but only show up when the glass if flexed. One of the biggest reason for windshield repairs that failure is not doing this simple flexing technique and making sure there is not any hidden cracks.  A good example of this would be if you had a star break and it had five legs coming of of it and the sixth leg was not visible until you applied pressure. Remember if there just one crack that does not get filled with resin the star break still has the same potential of spreading as if you never repaired the windshield in the first place.

Can Windshield long crack repair be done on18 wheelers?

by Dennis Caswell on 10/21/13

The answer is yes. The two questions I will ask the customer is how long has the crack been there and how many miles has the semi been driven, since tractor trailers drive above average miles per day they will be exposed to more road dirt that can contaminate the break. A good rule of thumb is a long cracks less than a month old and less than 600 miles driven.

Is Auto glass clear?

by Dennis Caswell on 10/13/13

Auto glass colors. Although it would appear that auto glass is clear, it really is not. Clear auto glass is almost obsolete. They're over 25 auto glass color options. Color is added when the raw materials of Sand, soda ash and limestone are melted into molten glass during the manufacturing process.

Can a rock chip repair be done on the outer edge of a windshield?

by Dennis Caswell on 10/13/13

The answer is yes.  A windshield repair can be done in the outer edge of a windshield. At Glas-Tek we use an edge tool to hold our injectors so we can successfully make a repair next to the edge.

How to remove Ice from windshields and car windows.

by Dennis Caswell on 10/05/13

With winter just around the corner it's always good to be prepared for the icy mornings. The best and lease expensive thing to have on hand is a spray bottle filled with washer fluid that has de-icer in it. You may think well,  I already have this in my washer fluid reservoir but the truth of the matter is 90% of the time the small jets that spray the fluid on the windshield are frozen. This works well on side and back windows as well and will not harm your paint.

If you are parked outside and there is ice on your windshield, DON'T turn the defrost on, instead, turn the car heater on to the floor heat setting and let the warm air rise up and defrost your windshield and windows.  This is slower but is much easier on the glass.  Why do I suggest this?

 If there is one single thing that will cause windshields to crack, it is ice. The two reasons that contribute to windshields cracking is if there is glass damage that has not been repaired it is a weak spot in the glass. When people turn on there defroster to melt the ice the warm air blows on the cold glass and the temperature change between hot and cold can cause the windshield to crack. Also chipping away at the ice with an ice scraper on the unrepaired rock chip ( weak spot ) can cause the chip to crack further. Also, on rare occasions the rear window could shatter from the rear defrost heater elements. 

PS. Under no circumstance pour hot water on auto glass to remove the ice.

Image of heated wiper park on a 2012 Subaru Forester

by Dennis Caswell on 09/16/13

The orange lines in this windshield are heating elements,  Subaru offers this option in there vehicles, It is referred to as a heated wiper park. This will help keep your windshield wiper blades from sticking to the glass on cold winter days.

heated wiper park

Adhesion, Cohesion and Durability, What do these have in common

by Dennis Caswell on 09/08/13

When repairing a windshield you must always choose the right resin for the type of windshield repair damage you are going to repair. Windshield repair resins come in many colors and viscosity's. This is a quick overview of three of the most important characteristics.  1. Adhesion, how the resin adheres to the broken glass  2. Cohesion, how the resin bonds to itself  3. Durability, how the resin stands up to the test of time by allowing it to be strong but also flexible.  Over the years I have field tested many manufactures windshield repair resins to see if it stand up over time. The first thing I will do when I repair a previous customers windshield is to look at my old repair to see how it is holding up. Believe me, one thing I have learned is not all chemicals are created equal.  This takes years to narrow down the best possible resin for my clients.

Red light cameras and speed traps in St. Louis

by Dennis Caswell on 08/31/13

Red light cameras and speed traps in St. Louis have a lot of people crying foul. Everyday in my business I drive approximately 100 to 150 miles covering the entire greater St. Louis area. On any given day I will drive past a half of dozen red light cameras and law enforcement taking radar. One of the most popular areas for radar is on highway 70 between the airport and Goodfellow Blvd, some days you can count from 1 to 15 local police vehicles from about 5 different municipality's shooting radar in this ten mile section of interstate. Without a doubt this is a big tine money generator for these towns. Then to top things off there are dozens of red light and speed cameras though out the greater St. Louis area. Nothing worse than coming home from a hard days work and finding one of these tickets in your mail box.
I personily have been the recipient of both speeding and red light camera tickets. Over the last few years I have got a good sense of where these speed traps and cameras are but I cant let my guard down because they are adding new ones all the time.
One thing I can say when you get a citation and pay the fine you will never forget the location where you received the ticket. I wish I could buy one of there speeded cameras, just kidding.
To conclude these speed cameras, red light cameras and police shooting radar is not going away anytime soon. The way I see it the solution is easy slow down and do the speed limit and make full stops at all intersections after all that is the law.

Warning windshield repair scam

by Dennis Caswell on 08/23/13

First of all let me start out by saying I have never been opposed to competition.As long as it is done in the correct and ethical manor and not in a fraudulent way. Comsumers should be on guard if someone approaches you in a gas station or store parking lot asking to clean your windshield, as this could be one of the biggest consumer and insurance ripoffs in the auto glass industry to date.
I have personally talked to a few of there technicians.
This is a quick over view on how they operate.
1. First of all the customer pulls in a service station to get fuel and is approached by one of staff to clean there windshield as a courtesy.If they find damage they will offer there windshield repair service, right there on the spot. And if you have comprehensive insurance they can bill it to the insurance company. And that is where the screwed up repair starts. Rule number one never do a windshield repair when moisture is present. by cleaning the glass they have not only added moisture to the stone break but have also added more contamination into the damage. Windshield cracks are very open to the elements and will fill up with moisture in just a second.
I personally have done tens of thousands of windshield repairs. And if the windshield has been wet I cannot do a repair until it has had time to dry out. On hot sunny days about an hours on cooler days 8 to 24hours.
My point is they are injecting resin on top of moisture without giving it time to dry out.  They have done more harm than good by sealing moisture in the damage. Furthermore the appearance looks terrible.
This practice of cleaning the windshield first has screwed up thousands of windshield across the country thus compromising vehicle safety.

2. They are also repairing surface chips that would have never split out in the first place and billing the insurance companies for them. One of there lead technicians tried to convince me that one of the surface chips I had on my vehicle needed to be repaired, it took me ten min. to explain to him way it was impractical not to do them, and he still didn't understand.

Reviews for Glas Tek Windshield Repair

by Dennis Caswell on 08/17/13

If your looking for real testimonials for Glas Tek Windshield Repair St. Louis we have many. At the time of this post we have eight reviews on Google, seven on Yelp and forty-two on Angie's List.  Not to toot our own horn they are all A rated. They are from real customers not from friends and family or employees like some of the larger Auto Glass Repair companies have.  Reviews are always good to have it shows that we must be doing something right and puts the wind back in our sails.

Windshield Repair customer beware !

by Dennis Caswell on 07/23/13

This is One of the poorest videos I have ever seen on windshield repair, you never want to hit the plastic with the drill bit it will leave a black spot on the laminate making the repair more noticeable. Second you need to use a tool that pulls a perfect vacuum not 20 of inches, you need a vacuum like 30 inches of mercury to get all the air out.

Third NEVER use a lighter on on a windshield it will could cause the damage to spread further, also a lighter burns at approx. 2000 degrees fahrenheit any heat over 100 degrees will cause the adhesive properties in the resin to break down leading to an inferior repair. 

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